Forgetbook is a chrome extension.

Protecting ourselves online by deleting our Facebook posts and comments takes forever, because Facebook only lets us do it manually, one click at a time.

Even someone who barely uses Facebook must spend hundreds of hours clicking to remove their information from the internet.

Forgetbook makes this process easy, by automating it.

Forgetbook automatically deletes all of your posts, reactions, comments, and searches; without removing any of your friends or leaving any of your groups. You get all the benefits of using Facebook without any of the costs.

You can even choose what to do with your photos; keep them, hide them, move them to archive, or move them to trash.

Add it to your Chrome Browser via Google's Chrome Web Store, and Forgetbook will save you hundreds of hours of your time.

Check out our demo video to see how easy it is to delete your posts with Forgetbook: